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Stackable Programs

The Clean Cars 4 All award can be combined with these programs.


Program New EV Value
Used EV Value
Type Comments
Clean Cars 4 All
​up to $9,500
​up to $9,500 ​Discount

CVRP $1,500-$7,000
​Rebate Apply within 3 months after purchase/lease.
Federal Tax Credit up to $7,500
​Tax Credit
Depends on vehicle.
​CFR ​up to $1,500
​Discount ​Must purchase vehicle from an eligible dealership. See CFR column on dealership table.


​Program Charger Value Type ​Comments
​Clean Cars 4 All up to $2,000 Discount ​Charger grants coming in 2021
CVAP up to $2,000
Federal Tax Credit up to $1,000 ​Tax Credit ​Depends on property value

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