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Community Clean Freight Truck Solicitation


Status: Closed

The Community Clean Freight Truck Solicitation is one of the priorities selected through the Community Air Protection Program to fund clean truck applications to replace existing diesel freight trucks with new natural gas, electric, or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles operating in the Sacramento Region. This solicitation is similar to the Proposition 1B: Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program, but several key evaluation criteria have been modified to meet community needs. These new vehicles will benefit our communities by reducing harmful emissions. We will be accepting applications during the application period listed above.  After the application period has ended, the applications will be ranked and selected applicants will be contacted to continue the funding process.  The program requirements, application ranking process, program timeline, and application checklist are described below. 

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Project Requirements 


Old Vehicle Details

  • Privately owned heavy-duty diesel vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 16,001 lbs. or greater.

  • Engine must be 2007-2009 only and powered by diesel fuel.

  • Old vehicle must operate at least 20,000 miles per year for Class 7 & 8 trucks and 10,000 miles per year for Class 5 & 6 trucks in California.

  • Applicants must be fully compliant with the 2020 requirements of the California Air Resources Board Truck and Bus Regulation.


New Vehicle Details

  • Only brand new near-zero natural gas, electric, and hydrogen trucks are eligible for funding.

  • Trucks will receive $80,000 - $200,000 based on the technology and size.

  • No funding is available for new diesel and hybrid trucks.


Application Ranking Process

  • All applications will be ranked competitively to determine which projects will receive funding.  Projects will be evaluated by staff and the community based on these specifications:
  • Zero emission projects receive priority
  • Projects based and operating in an identified AB 617 monitoring community
  • Projects with significant operation in a disadvantaged community as identified by CalEnviroScreen3.0
  • Projects that provide other benefits to the community
  • Other priorities identified by the community


Project Timeline

​October 16, 2019​Application period opens
December 16, 2019Application period ends
​January - March 2020​Application review and inspections
​March 26, 2020​Potential Board approval for large projects
​April 2020​Grant agreements approved and vehicles ordered



Community Clean Freight Truck Solicitation Applicant Checklist

Applicants must submit the following documents with their application:

​1.  Completed On-Road Incentive Application (Online or using Form S1)​8.  DMV Vehicle Registration Information Record for each vehicle
​2.  Copy of Authorized Signatory's Driver's License or Valid State-Issued Photo Identification Card​9.  Mileage Record showing the current odometer reading for each vehicle
​3.  Letter showing community support for the project​10.  Mileage Record showing the odometer reading from at least six (6) months ago for each vehicle
4.  Vendor Payee Data Record W9 and ACH Forms with Cancelled Check or Bank Letter​11.  Copy of Vehicle Insurance Cards for the previous 24 months for each vehicle
​5.  Certificate of Compliance from California Air Resources Board (CARB) TRUCRS Database​12.  Photograph of the manufacturer's tag found in the door jamb of the truck showing VIN and GVWR for each vehicle
6.  ​Copy of Current DMV Vehicle Registration for each vehicle​13.  Photograph of the current odometer reading for each vehicle
​7.  Copy of Old Vehicle Title for each vehicle


How to apply:

To apply online, please click on the "Online Application" button below.  We recommend using the Chrome internet browser to complete the online application. To submit a paper application, please click on the S1-Program Application link in the Documents/Forms column below.

Online Application

Status: Closed




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