Mow Down Air Pollution

August 16, 2016
August 25, 2016
August 25, 2016
September 22, 2016
Photo of staff and customer unloading old mower from a sedan trunk; old mowers in foreground.

Mow Down Air Pollution 1997 - 2011

After 15 years of providing incentives for cordless rechargeable lawn mowers to the residents of the greater Sacramento area, the Mow Down Air Pollution program has been discontinued. This innovative Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District program was the second program of its kind in the nation and it has been phenomenally successful. When the program began, cordless electric lawn mowers were virtually unknown to the general public. Now most hardware stores stock two or three brands and there seems to be at least one on every neighborhood street.

Our sincere thanks go out to all the partners we worked with over the years to make this one of the most successful programs of its kind in the country. In addition we would like to offer our appreciation to all the residents of the greater Sacramento region for participating in the program and doing their part to Mow Down Air Pollution.

Staff and customer discussing event procedures.
Mow Down Air Pollution Program Totals
 Mowers Sold
 Recycled metal (tons)
 Emissions Reduced (tons)*
*Emission estimates made using CARB data.