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School Bus Three Way Bus Replacement




Status: Application Period is currently OPEN for The SECAT Program.


SECAT is the Sacramento Emergency Clean Air & Transportation Grant Program. The SECAT Program is a partnership between the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District and the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG). SECAT can now provide funds for Three Way Bus Replacement, which is a new category within the standard SECAT Fleet Modernization Program. The goal is to reduce the harmful surplus emissions from school buses operating in the Sacramento Federal Ozone Nonattainment Area (SFNA). Public and private school buses that have operated in the SFNA for the past three years are eligible for funding.

School bus applicants have the option to choose a Three Way Bus Replacement transaction. The benefit to the school district is that they will retain a higher quality bus in their fleet as a backup bus, but still be able to qualify for a higher grant amount than the designated scrap bus would have qualified for under the standard SECAT Fleet Modernization Program. Note: The bus moved into the backup position will be limited on its annual miles of operations; therefore, the applicant is advised to carefully choose buses for a successful project.

  • School Bus A = Scrap Bus: this is the old bus designated to be destroyed. Scrapping a vehicle is a requirement of the SECAT Fleet Modernization Program.
  • School Bus B = Backup Bus: rather than destroying this bus, the maximum annual usage requirement will be limited to the historic verified annual miles of operations of Bus A (for example: cannot operate more than 1,000 miles per year).
  • School Bus C = Replacement Bus: this is the new bus funded by the grant program. The minimum annual usage requirement will be based on the historic verified annual miles of operations of Bus B (for example: must operate at least 12,000 miles per year).


Status: Open




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