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Wood Stoves & Wood Fireplace
Change Out Incentive Program

August 16, 2016
August 25, 2016
August 25, 2016
September 22, 2016


The Wood Stove/Fireplace Change Out Incentive Programs for Non-Low Income is currently not accepting applications.

Applications for Low Income Sacramento County Residents are currently still accepted.

The AQMD has funding to help Sacramento County residents replace older, more polluting units with cleaner-burning, USEPA certified or equivalent units!


There are 320,000 fireplaces and wood stoves in Sacramento County homes!

Wood smoke is a source of particulate matter, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, toxic air contaminants and odors. Wood smoke is linked to serious health impacts1.

Important Information

On days when poor air quality (Stage 2) is forecast, AQMD Rule 421, Mandatory Episodic Curtailment Of Wood And Other Solid Fuel Burning (PDF), prohibits the use of all wood and pellet-burning appliances, including certified appliances and pellet stoves/inserts. Please see Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) for more information on Rule 421.

Voucher Program

  1. Non-Low Income Program
  2. Low Income Assistance


  • Residence in Sacramento County
  • Replacing existing uncertified wood stove, insert, or open hearth fireplace
  • 50% of AQMD's funding must go to Environmental Justice areas

Voucher Program Timeline

Voucher Levels

  • Non-Low Income Program
    $150 - $450
  • Low Income Program
    Up to $1,500

Retailer List and Requirements

Participating Retailers

  • Click here for a list of participating retailers. Check back for updates.

Requirements for Retailers-

  • Must verify qualification of old units
  • Must maintain documentation
  • Are subject to compliance audit.
  • Retailers, please click here for details and required forms.

Related Information and Documents

Contact Information

Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
777 12th St. 3rd Floor
Sacramento, California 95814-1908

Wood Stove line: (916) 440-WOOD (9663)
Fax line: (916) 874-7896

1. Particulate is linked to serious health impacts including premature mortality, acute and chronic bronchitis, asthma attacks and emergency room visits, upper respiratory illnesses and days of work loss.