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 ​Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Division provides support to the Offices of the Executive Director and District Counsel, as well as to the other operating divisions. Primary functions include accounting, budgeting and fiscal oversight, contract administration, human resource management, customer service, public information requests, board clerk functions and asset management for facilities, fleet and computer / telecommunication systems.

Jamille Moens joined the Sac Metro Air District in November of 2014 as the Director of the Administrative Services Division. Jamille has served as a manager in municipal and special district governments since 2002. She is an engaged leader who works with elected officials, staff, and regional partners to solve complex problems and guide activities toward common goals using her expertise in areas such as public policy, finance, information technology, and project management. Jamille enjoys working with a group of talented professionals to execute policies and programs that ensure the District achieves its mission of meeting state and federal air quality and climate goals and addressing future challenges.

After beginning her career in the private sector, Jamille discovered her passion for public service and, consequently, has spent almost two decades working for the residents of the Sacramento region. Before joining the Air District, Jamille managed the Business and Integrated Planning Division for the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities. In this position, she oversaw finance and administration, integrated planning, and asset management for the water, wastewater, and storm drainage enterprise funds. Before that role, she held positions in the City's Solid Waste and Animal Care Services Divisions. Jamille also served on the City of Sacramento's Inclusion Council, working to integrate diversity and inclusion in the City's policies, procedures, and practices. Leading up to her service with the City of Sacramento, Jamille was a legislative aid and press secretary for a California state legislator.

Jamille has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial & Labor Relations from Cornell University and a Master of Arts in Political Science from Stanford University.

 Engineering and Compliance

The Engineering and Compliance Division is comprised of the permitting and enforcement programs, designated to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local Sac Metro Air District rules and regulations. Primary functions include evaluating and processing permit applications, including local permits and federal Title V permits, conducting compliance inspections including stationary sources of air pollution, portable equipment, and asbestos renovation and demolition projects, providing businesses with compliance assistance, and managing violations and penalties through the Mutual Settlement Program.
Amy Roberts has served as the Director of the Sac Metro Air District's Engineering and Compliance Division since March 2018, where she oversees the permitting and enforcement programs. Amy's tenure with the District began in January of 2007 as an Air Quality Specialist in the Mobile Sources Section, where she worked to advance the District's mobile source incentive programs. She was promoted to Mobile Sources Program Supervisor in 2008 where she supervised the field inspection and auditing sections. In 2014, Amy moved to the Engineering and Compliance Division as the Program Manager for the Enforcement Section.

Amy began her air quality career at the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District as a field inspector, inspecting sources of air pollution and enforcing rules and regulations in the San Joaquin Valley. She took a brief respite from her air quality work to earn her Master of Science degree in Natural Resources from Humboldt State University. Amy also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Biology from California State University Northridge.

 Monitoring, Planning and Rules

The Monitoring, Planning and Rules Division is comprised of the planning, rule development, emission inventory, air monitoring and emission reduction credit programs. Primary functions include plan and rule development to ensure compliance with state and federal air quality standards,   monitoring and tracking of specific air pollutants to assess progress, and management or the emission reduction credit (ERC) bank.
Mark Loutzenhiser - file too large.jpg
Mark Loutzenhiser has served as the Director of the Monitoring, Planning, and Rules Division for the Sac Metro Air District since May 2016, where he is responsible for air monitoring, rule development, and planning efforts. He previously served eight years as Program Manager for the Mobile Sources Section with responsibility for incentive programs and, before that, seven years as Program Supervisor in the Engineering and Compliance Division with responsibility for permitting and enforcement. Mark originally joined the Sac Metro Air District in early 1999 as an Air Quality Specialist after kick-starting his air quality career in 1995 at the San Juan Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District as an Air Quality Engineer.

Mark has served as the Chair of several committees for the California Air Pollution Control Officers Association (CAPCOA) and represents the District in matters before local and state governing bodies.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

 ​Transportation & Climate Change

The Transportation & Climate Change Division is comprised of the Climate Change, Land Use and Mobile Sources programs. Primary functions include land use and transportation planning and project review, participation in regional climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts and facilitation of incentive programs to reduce emissions from on-road and off-road mobile sources.
Jaime R. Lemus is the Director of the Transportation and Climate Change Division at the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District. 

Jaime has been employed by the Air District since August 2001. During his tenure, he has gained a wide breadth of experience working in multiple divisions.  As an Associate Air Quality Specialist, he enforced federal, state, and local rules and regulations, specializing in toxic sources of emissions.  

In 2014, Jaime joined the District's Transportation Section as a Program Supervisor and supervised the Field Operations team. In 2016 he began managing the federal, state, and local incentives program for the Transportation Section as the Program Manager. Jaime is leading the District in promoting alternative transportation technologies in the region to mitigate climate impact and improve the region.

Jaime began his career in 1998, with the University of California Davis Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, conducting air and wastewater quality research. He continued his student intern research at the California Air Resources Board studying the correlation between respiratory illnesses, air pollution, and environmental degradation until 2001 upon joining the Sac Metro Air District in the Engineering and Compliance Division.

Jaime holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Native American History from the University of California, Davis, and Environmental Studies from California State University, Sacramento.
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