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Filing an Air Quality Complaint

The Sac Metro Air District investigates complaints related to dust, smoke, odors, overspray, and other potential air quality permit and rule violations.  Complaints can be filed online using the form below or by calling (916) 874-4800 or (800) 880-9025. 

When filing a complaint, please have the following information ready:

  • A specific description of the problem. Is it an odor, smoke, or dust?
  • The location of the problem including address and cross streets, if known
  • Who is causing the problem, if known?
  • The time the problem occurs, including time of day and frequency
  • The wind direction
  • The duration of the problem

Rendering Plant Complaints 

Sac Metro Air District is aware that rendering odor is detected in the surrounding areas near the Sacramento Rendering Company (SRC).  Complaints about abnormally high odors assist Sac Metro Air District enforce permit conditions. To file a complaint about the rendering odor, follow the same procedure as described in the section above. Please include where the odor was detected (i.e., your address, local park name, neighborhood street intersection).

For more information regarding SRC emissions and our jurisdiction, please read the following documents:

Sac Metro Air District Authority Over SRC

November 9, 2016 Rancho Cordova Community Meeting (Presentation)

SRC Emission Source Test Results

Sac Metro Air District Health Risk Assessment

July 31, 2017 Rancho Cordova Community Follow-up Meeting (Presentation)

Leaf Blower Complaints 

Leaf Blowers can be a concern for air quality and for people exposed to the emissions and dust from their use. For this reason, the City of Sacramento passed a Leaf Blower Ordinance to limit their use within the City of Sacramento boundaries on days of poor air quality. The Sac Metro Air District has put together a Frequently Asked Questions document (click here) to answer some general questions related to leaf blowers and how to access air quality information to comply with the City of Sacramento's ordinance. ​

For additional information regarding the City of Sacramento Leaf Blower Ordinance and how to file complaints directly with them, refer to the City's FAQ (click here).

For information regarding Sac Metro Air District's regulatory authority over leaf blowers (click here) 

Complaints for Other Agencies

​Agricultural Burning Complaints

Call the Agricultural Commissioner's office during regular business hours at (916) 875-6603 to submit complaints about agricultural burning. You may also call the Sac Metro Air District to submit these complaints at (916) 874-4800 or (800) 880-9025. Agricultural burning complaints are normally investigated by the Agricultural Commissioner, who reports violations and other findings to the Sac Metro Air District.

Idling Heavy Duty Vehicles

Call the City of Sacramento to report heavy duty vehicles idling in excess of Sacramento City ordinance at 311 (toll free* when calling within city limits) or (916) 264-5011 when calling from outside the City of Sacramento.

*Cellular service providers may charge for air time

Smoking Vehicles

Call the California Air Resources Board to report smoking vehicles at (800) 363-7664 or visit Smoking Vehicle Complaint Program on their website.

​File a Complaint Online

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