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Compliance Assistance

​The Sac Metro Air District (District) has a Compliance Assistance Program (CAP) to help any business or organization understand air quality rules to reduce air pollution in Sacramento County.  This resource offers solutions to both technical and general questions. 

We offer assistance to all sectors of the regulated community.  Many businesses can benefit from this program, including coating operations, gasoline stations, wood product manufacturers, asphalt and concrete batch facilities, construction operations, facilities operating boilers, and internal combustion engines.  

Contact Compliance Assistance

If you have the following questions:

  • Do I need a permit for my business?
  • What Sac Metro Air District rules and permit requirements apply to my business?
  • Or, any other questions regarding air quality regulations. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch with the District for compliance assistance.  

Call 279-207-1122 ext. 14 (toll-free:1-800-880-9025) or email

Facility Review

You may request the Sac Metro Air District to conduct a facility review at your business.

This is a non-regulatory inspection conducted at no additional charge by District staff.

The purpose of the facility review is to provide on-site education to businesses on the particular air quality regulations affecting their operations to prevent future violations.

To schedule, call 279-207-1122 ext. 14 (toll-free:1-800-880-9025) or email

​Compliance Assistance Brochures

Below are links to several brochures designed to assist businesses, individuals, and other interested parties understand air quality regulations.

Asbestos - What Building Owners, Operators & Contractors need to know
Translated versions available: RussianSpanish

Check Before You Burn - It's the law in Sac County Nov-Feb
Translated versions available:  ChineseHmong; RussianSpanish 

Permits - For Stationary Air Pollution Sources
Translated versions available: Spanish 

Resolving Violations - Mutual Settlement Program & Civil Penalties 
Translated versions available: Russian; Spanish  

​Compliance Education Opportunities

As needed, the Sac Metro Air District  provides programs, sometimes in collaboration with other agencies, to assist businesses in a classroom environment. In these settings, business owners and their employees are invited to learn about air quality compliance, the implications of being out of compliance and innovative approaches to pollutant emission reductions. 

For further information, call 279-207-1122 ext. 14 (toll-free:1-800-880-9025) or email

​Compliance Forms and Advisories

Please visit the Compliance Advisories page to find all compliance advisories.  Recordkeeping forms are available by equipment type on the Permit-Applications-Recordkeeping-Advisories page. 

If you need further assistance, call 279-207-1122 ext. 14 (toll-free:1-800-880-9025) or email

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