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Remaining Clean Cars 4 All funding is only available for Sacramento County residents that live in areas impacted by higher levels of pollution. These areas are also known as Disadvantaged Communities. Here is a map you can use to determine whether you are a resident of a Disadvantaged Community.

You may join the waitlist for Clean Cars 4 All with the button above. In order to complete the application, you will need to provide the following documents:

  1. Income verification: (You have two (2) options to verify your income)
      • IRS Tax Account Transcript. You can download the transcript online
      • If you did not file taxes, you must submit a Notarized Household Affidavit and IRS Letter of Non-filing Letter. The Household Income Affidavit will be available for download through your application portal. You can download the Letter of Non-filing from the IRS website.
  2. Registration History:
      • Two years (24 months) of past DMV registration history to demonstrate that you’ve been driving the vehicle in California for the last two (2) years. You can obtain a copy of your registration history online. Please make sure the vehicle history report reflects your current address.
      • Please note: Your vehicle must be registered to your current address in Sacramento County at the time of your application submission.
  3. Proof of Operability:
      • Only needed if the vehicle is not currently registered or has gaps in registration totaling more than 120 days.
      • The following documents are viable for proof of operability:
        • Insurance documentation: Past two consecutive years, without lapses in coverage greater than 120 days; OR
        • Two invoices from an Automotive Repair Dealer registered with the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Invoices must be from two different calendar years, and the oldest may not be older than 24 months. Invoices must include the following:
          • Automotive Repair Dealer’s valid registration number
          • Name and address of the Automotive Repair dealer
          • Description of a repair or maintenance operation performed on the vehicle
          • Vehicle year, make, model, and vehicle identification or license plate number matching the vehicle to be retired
          • Date of the repair or maintenance visit
  4. Copy of Vehicle Title: The title must be in theapplicant’s name.
  5. Photo Identification / Driver’s License: Valid California driver’s license. Please note: If your DL does not reflect your current address, you must update your current address with DMV and provide confirmation of the change (screenshot or print-out accepted).
  6. Proof of Residency: Required if California Driver's License does not reflect the current address. Acceptable documentation includes utility bill, cell phone bill, lease, any official government correspondence, paystub with your name and address.
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