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Electric Vehicle information

These websites can help you in the vehicle selection process.

  • Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) - You may apply for the stackable CVRP rebate after acquiring the new vehicle. California residents get up to $7,000 for the purchase or lease of a new, eligible zero-emission or plug-in hybrid light-duty vehicle.A
  • EV Life - Makes it absurdly easy to save thousands of dollars on electric car incentives, rebates, and financing. Get a free quote in 5 minutes. Find eligible vehicles, incentives, charging stations, and trip planning. A concierge service is available.
  • Plug In America - Electric vehicle advocacy and education. Find the car that best meets you needs; Learn about tax credits, rebates, and other incentives; Prepare your home for ev charging; Get connected with a qualified EV dealer near you.
  • PlugStar - Everything you need to know to drive electric. Shopping asistant, browse electric cars, find a local test drive event, or find an electric car dealership.
  • DriveClean - Clean car buying guide, incentives, make/model search, plug-in electric vehicles for fleets, and driver reviews.
  • Electric For All - Education for the public regarding the state of electric car technology and its importance to a clean and healthy environment in a non-commercial manner.
  • Clean Vehicle Assistance Program (CVAP) - The Clean Vehicle Assistance Program is not stackable with the Clean Car4 All Program because it has different guidelines. However, their website does provide helpful information such as instructional videos to learn more about Electric Vehicles.
  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) - Provides incentives for and information about vehicle charging stations.

Find Vehicle Charging Stations

The Benefits of Zero or Near-Zero Emission Vehicles

  • Alternative Fuels Data Center - Explore the benefits and considerations of using alternative fuels. Learn about alternative fuel vehicles and how they work, and find information about vehicle availability, emissions, maintenance, and safety.
    • Electric Vehicles - Find information about using electricity to power vehicles, including production and distribution, and research and development. Locate electric charging stations in your area and learn about charging infrastructure for PEVs. Find laws and incentives in your area related to hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.
    • Hydrogen Vehicles - Learn about hydrogen's use as an alternative fuel, production and distribution, and research and development. Locate hydrogen fueling stations and learn about hydrogen fueling infrastructure. Find hydrogen transportation laws and incentives in your area.

Financial Awareness and Budgeting Support

Case managers aren't able to provide financing advice but suggest the following resources

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