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Sacramento's Clean Cars 4 All

​Full deployment expected 1st quarter 2020

Contact us at 855-201-5626 or

  • The Sac Metro Air District is deploying Clean Cars 4 All (CC4A). This is a traditional vehicle “Scrap & Replace” grant program designed for lower income participants, with one unique element – an Alternative Transportation Option (ATO). Similar programs are currently available in the San Joaquin Valley, South Coast Air Basin and theSan Francisco Bay Area.
    • The Sacramento program has two components: “Scrap & Replace,” which offers grants up to $9,500 applied towards the purchase of a new or nearly new zero or near zero emission replacement vehicle and up to $2,000 for the purchase and installation of an electric vehicle charging system.
    • The program includes a second choice for participants to “Scrap & Forget.” This ATO allows the participant to opt out of receiving a replacement vehicle, and instead receive a VISA card loaded with up to $7,500 to access public, private, and shared mobility options.
    • The “Scrap & Forget” option is an important mobility innovation coming to Sacramento. It is meant to take advantage of the many mobility options in the region. These include micro-transit on demand, car and bike sharing, Uber and Lyft, as well as public transit options.
  • To participate in either option, an older vehicle will need to be turned in for scrap.
  • The grant offered through this program does not require repayment. A personal car loan can be matched with the grant funds to complete the vehicle purchase.
  • In addition to this grant, additional financial incentives may be available for the purchase of new plug-in replacement vehicles and related electric charging infrastructure.

Participants Must Meet the Following Criteria

  • Possess a current California Driver License.
  • Reside within Sacramento County (later to be expanded to Sacramento region).
  • Be at or below the 400% federal low-income criteria (for a family of four this income is less than $103,000 per year).
  • Own a working vehicle that is 15 years old or older (2004 or older).
  • Be willing to relinquish their older vehicle for scrappage and accept a replacement of a new or nearly new plug-in electric vehicle or accept the Alternative Transportation Option.
  • For vehicle replacements, accept assistance for installation of charging infrastructure at their residence for the replacement plug-in vehicle or simply use the public charging network.

Clean Cars 4 All Assistance Includes

  • Application review and processing
  • Replacement vehicle purchasing
  • Financial awareness and budgeting support
  • Assistance with older vehicle disposition
  • Vehicle evaluation and selection
  • Workforce development opportunities
  • Lender selection and loan application processing

​Full deployment expected 1st quarter 2020

Contact us at 855-201-5626 or

Clean Air and Climate Relevance

  • The Sac Metro Air District, as a partner with the state of California, is excited to add this mobility program to the long list of other innovations emerging in the region.
  • Transportation emissions, congestion, and a growing trend of single-occupant vehicle use are increasing greenhouse gas emissions and making it more challenging to meet clean air and climate change goals.
  • With programs like Clean Cars 4 All, we can imagine a future less dependent on combustion vehicles for our transportation needs.
  • This program is an example of the transformation of transportation taking place locally and across many regions in the state, the nation, and the world.
  • We in Sacramento want to be the game changers for future mobility.

Program Funding

  • ​$5 million from California Climate Investments administered by the California Air Resources Board. The funding is expected to fund 300 to 500 vehicles and about 100 alternative transportation (VISA card) options.
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