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Transit Stop Improvement

​​ Status: Closed


The Sac Metro Air District accepted applications from October 16, 2019 through November 20, 2019 for transit stop improvements u​​nder the Targeted Green Infrastructure Fund (TGIF). The TGIF aims to reduce air pollution emissions and gain health and climate benefits from reducing vehicle travel by making small, strategic investments that facilitate walking, bicycling, and transit use as a means of everyday transportation.

For many people, using public transit means facing uncomfortable conditions. Many transit stops in the Sacramento region consist of a sign with no place to sit while waiting. Often transit stops are located in the open without protective shade, making them uncomfortable in the rain or hot sun. Additionally, many transit stops lack pavement, making them difficult for persons with limited mobility. Transit shelter/stop transformations have significant potential for increasing transit ridership, but transit systems frequently do not have funding for adequate facilities at all transit stops.

The TGIF offers reimbursement of up to $40,000 for the improvement of transit stops with ADA accessibility infrastructure, seating, shelter, shade trees, and/or solar-powered lighting. Public transit agencies or organizations that have or maintain transit stops or stations located in the South Sacramento-Florin AB 617 Designated Community are eligible to apply.

Status: Closed




Philley Supervisor, CEQA and Land Usepphilley@airquality.orgSac Metro Air District

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TGIF Transit Stop Improvements - Application (FY19-20) Transit Stop Improvements - Application (FY19-20).pdfTGIF Transit Stop Improvements - Application (FY19-20)
TGIF Transit Stop Improvements - Program Info (FY19-20) Transit Stop Improvements - Program Info (FY19-20).pdfTGIF Transit Stop Improvements - Program Info (FY19-20)

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