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Community Air Monitoring


AB 617 requires the California Air Resources Board (CARB) with input from air districts, including Sac Metro Air District, to identify the communities with the highest air pollution burden to develop new community-focused programs, including the deployment of community air monitoring. Community air monitoring is intended to measure localized community exposure from criteria air pollutants and toxic air contaminants. For the first year implementation, air districts with identified communities for community air monitoring are required to deploy monitoring systems by July 1, 2019. All data collected from community air monitoring is required to be shared with CARB and the public. 
The District already has a robust air monitoring network with multiple sites across the county to assess regional air quality and to demonstrate compliance with federal and state health standards for criteria pollutants. To complement our existing regulatory network, the District is exploring additional monitoring approaches and emerging technologies, such as a mobile monitoring laboratory and low-cost sensors, to provide the District with a better understanding of local concentrations of ambient air pollutions. Community air monitoring will also determine baseline emissions levels that will be used in the development of a future community emission reduction program.

​AB617 Community Air Monitoring Map


The District is currently deploying air quality monitors throughout the South Sacramento - Florin community. The goal of the air monitoring is to provide real-time air quality information and awareness to the community and help determine localized air pollution impacts. Air monitoring data will help establish future community emission reduction programs that may utilize strategies, such as rules and incentives, to reduce localized emissions and minimize air pollution exposure to the community. The table below the AB 617 Community Monitoring Map lists the air monitoring sensors operated by the District.

Please note that if the map below is not visible try an internet browser other than Internet Explorer.

AB 617 Air Monitoring Locations in South Sacramento - Florin Community

Sensor NameType of MonitorFacility Name​​AddressInstallation Date

​Bowling Green

​Low Cost Sensor

​Bowling Green Park

​4100 49th Avenue,  Sacramento, CA 95823

June 20, 2019​


​Low Cost Sensor

​Nicholas Park

​ 6597 46th St., Sacramento, CA  95823

June 20, 2019​

​Sheriff Center

​Low Cost Sensor

​Sacramento County Sheriff Service Center

​7000 65th Street Ste. B, Sacramento, CA  95823

​June 24, 2019

​Mack Partnership

​Low Cost Sensor

​Mack Road Partnership

​75 Quinta Ct., Sacramento, CA  95823

​June 24, 2019

​Florin ES

​Low Cost Sensor

​Florin Elementary School

​7300 Kara Dr., Sacramento, CA 95828

​September 18, 2019

​Nicholas ES

​Low Cost Sensor

​Nicholas Elementary School

​6601 Steiner Dr., Sacramento, CA 95823

​September 18, 2019

​Isabelle Jackson ES

​Low Cost Sensor

​Isabelle Jackson Elementary School

​8351 Cutler Way, Sacramento, CA 95828

​September 18, 2019

​Bowling Green ES

​​Low Cost Sensor

​Bowling Green Elementary School

​4211 Turnbridge Dr., Sacramento, CA 95823

​September 18, 2019

District Council 16Low Cost SensorDistrict Council 16 Tapers and Glazers Union Hall7111 Governors Cir. Sacramento, Ca 95823October 2, 2019


You may also provide feedback and ask questions about Community Air Monitoring by emailing

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