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Community Air Protection Program Incentives


The state Legislature set aside funds for air quality improvement projects to accompany AB 617 Community Air Monitoring efforts. This funding is being implemented through the Community Air Protection (CAP) Incentive Program, which is a separate but parallel effort to the AB617 Community Air Protection Blue Print. The Sac Metro Air District (District) has received a total of $16 Million for this program. The first cycle expanded on the District's current Carl Moyer Program and the Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program which funds the incremental cost of cleaner than required heavy duty engines and equipment including trucks, buses, trains, off-road equipment and infrastructure.  The second cycle of the Community Air Protection Guidelines was expanded to include more opportunities to reduce air pollution at schools and stationary sources. 


The District is funding projects that provide timely emission reductions, decrease public exposure to air pollution and have community support. Funding priority is given to projects that impact the South Sacramento Florin Air Monitoring Community, the other nine Sacramento communities identified through the Community Air Protection process,  disadvantaged communities (DAC) and low-income areas identified by Cal Enviro Screen 3.0 and AB1550. 

The District is also administering projects on behalf of Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District (AQMD). Funding priority for Yolo-Solano projects will go to areas identified as disadvantaged communities or low-income areas identified by  Cal Enviro Screen 3.0 and AB1550. 

Current Eligible Equipment and Project Types  

To apply for funding visit the following pages for more information on equipment-specific funding opportunities:

Fiscal Year (FY) 18/19 Projects

​Company Name​CAP Incentive Funding Amount​Project Type​Project Description​Identified Community or Area​Project status
A-Z Bus Sales, Inc.​​$52,620​Electric Charging stations​9 chargers and infrastructure to support electric school and shuttle buses​South Sacramento Florin Air Monitoring Community, DAC​Completed
Capital Corridor​​$176,525​Locomotive2 Tier 4 Locomotives, Joint project with BAAQMD. (additional funding from FY 19/20)​​Downtown Sacrament, Yolo-Solano AQMD, Bay Area AQMD, DAC​Project in Process
​Green Technical Education and Employment​$336,411​Electric charging stations​4 chargers and infrastructure to support the Del Paso Heights DAC mobility HUB​North Sacramento, DAC​Project in Process
McClellan Park Transportation Management Assoc.​​$96,040​Electric Charging stations​4 dual chargers at 4 locations​McClellan, DAC​Project in Process
Mutual Housing California​​$18,015​Electric Charging stations​2 chargers and infrastructure to support Our Community Car Share at On the Greenway locationFruitridge, DAC​​Completed
Natomas Unified School District​​$0​Electric School Buses​4 Electric School Buses​South Natomas​Application withdrawn by applicant
​Sacramento City Unified School District​$0​Electric School BUs​4-10 Electric School Buses​South Sacramento Florin Air Monitoring Community ​Application withdrawn by applicant
​San Juan Unified School District​$600,000​Electric School Buses​6 Electric school buses​McClellan, Arden Arcade, DACProject in Process​
Twin Rivers Unified School District​​$900,000​Electric School Buses​13 Electric School Buses​North Sacramento, McClellanProject in Process​
​Twin Rivers Unified School District​$60,000​Alternative Fuel School Buses​1 CNG school buses​North Sacramento, McClellan​Project in Process
​University of California Regents, UCD Med Center​$295,951​Electric Charging stations​Electric charging to support changing fleet to electric​North Oak Park/Elmhurst,​Project in Process
​Vacaville Unified School District​$395,000​Electric School Buses​4 Electric School buses (additional funding from FY 19/20)​Vacaville (Yolo-Solano Funding)​Project in Process
​Washington Unified School District​$496,000 ​Electric School Buses​4 Electric School Buses ​West Sacramento (Yolo-Solano Funding)​Project in Process
​Total Allocated:​$3,426,562​Total Remaining:​$0

Updated 1/14/2020

FY 19/20 Projects

​Company Name​CAP Incentive Funding Amount​Project Type​Project Description​Identified Community or Area​Project Status
​Capital Corridor ​$2,103,475​Locomotive2 Tier 4 Locomotives, Joint Project with BAAQMD​ (additional funding from FY 18/19)​Downtown Sacramento, Yolo-Solano AQMD, Bay Area AQMD, DAC​Project in Process
​Eskaton​$41,390​Electric Charging Infrastructure​Electric charging to support Our Community Car ​South Sacramento Florin Air Monitoring Community​Project in Process
​New Berm Transportation (PepsiCo)​$4,200,000​Electric Freight Trucks21​ Electric freight trucks ​South Sacramento Florin Air Monitoring Community​Application received from
Community Clean Freight Truck Solicitation: Project in Process
Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency​​$38,437​Electric Charging Infrastructure​Electric charging to support Our Community Car Share​Upper Land Park​Project in Process
Vacaville Unified School District​​$5,000​Electric School Bus4 electric school buses (additional funding from FY 18/19)​​Vacaville (Yolo-Solano Funding)​Project in Process
​Total Allocated:​$6,388,302​Total Remaining:​$6,689,792
Updated 1/14/2020
 *Project Tables are updated on a monthly basis
 *School Bus Project Solicitation results are still being evaluated





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