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Low Income Incentive Programs

Voucher Program Status

Currently Not Accepting Applications and Not Issuing Vouchers.

Incentive Levels

This program provides up to a $1,500 incentive for the purchase and installation of a qualifying replacement to qualifying low income homeowners or landlords of low income rental properties.

Qualified Existing Devices and Qualified Replacement Devices List

This is a "first come, first served" program. The Sac Metro Air District will implement this program until the funds are depleted.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The residence must be located in Sacramento County.
  • The gross household income must be less than or equal to the amounts shown below, which are based on the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) guidelines for California.

2018 HEAP Guidelines​ ​ ​

​Number of Persons in Household

​Maximum Monthly Gross Income

​Maximum Annual Gross Income























To apply for a voucher, you must live in or be a landlord of a residence in Sacramento County, submit a complete voucher application form and complete an Income Verification Form (including income verification documents). After you receive a voucher, you must purchase a qualified replacement device from a participating retailer within four weeks of receiving the voucher.

Steps to Apply for a Voucher

1.    Obtain an application from the Sac Metro Air District by one of the following methods:

If you are a property owner renting to a low income tenant, submit the Income Verification Form for the tenant and complete this form: Rental Property Owner .

The Sac Metro Air District must verify the residence address before a voucher is issued. Submit a copy of a SMUD or PG&E bill as acceptable proof of residency with your voucher application.

The Sac Metro Air District will verify your eligibility and issue a voucher if you qualify. The voucher will expire four weeks from the date of issuance if not used. Please visit one of the participating retailers at least one week prior to the expiration date of your voucher.

2.    Select a wood burning appliance from a participating retailer and make a commitment to purchase it. The retailer verifies that the existing unit qualifies for replacement/retrofit.

3.    Make your purchase during the program timeline. Purchases made outside the timeline will not qualify for the incentive.

4.    After verification, retailer reduces the purchase price by the amount of the voucher and notifies the Sac Metro Air District with information about the purchaser. This must occur within four weeks after voucher issuance.

5.    After retailer installation, retailer notifies the Sac Metro Air District and submits appropriate documentation for reimbursement.

​Contact Information

Sac Metro Air District

777 12th St., 3rd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814-1908

Wood Stove line: (916) 440-WOOD (9663)
Fax line: (916) 874-7896

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