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The Sacramento Valley Basinwide Air Pollution Control Council (BCC) is authorized pursuant to California Health and Safety Code Section (HSC) 40900. The BCC consists of an elected official of, and designated by, the air pollution control district governing board of each district within the Sacramento Valley Air Basin. There are nine (9) Council Members on the BCC.

The purpose of the BCC is to carry out the following activities pursuant to State law and the California Code of Regulations (reference HSC 41865 and 41866; California Code of Regulations 80100 et. seq.). 

  1. Smoke Management Program
  2. Rice Straw Burning Reduction Act of 1991
  3. Conditional Rice Straw Burning Permit Program for the Sacramento Valley Air Basin
  4. The BCC shall work to assist Districts in the Sacramento Valley Air Basin in coordinating all air pollution control activities to ensure that the entire Sacramento Valley Air Basin is, or will be, in compliance with the requirements of State and Federal law.

Further detail is found in the BCC Bylaws (PDF) Amended December 11, 2015.




Contact Information

For information concerning BBC/TAC documents, meetings, and agenda materials, please contact:

Gail Williams
BCC/TAC Secretary-Treasurer
PO Box 2994
Paradise, CA 95967
(530) 877-6111

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