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AB 617 Budget

Community Air Protection Funding

The state legislature allocates two funding sources for the AB 617 Community Air Protection Program to: 

1) Implementation - fulfilling the general program requirements, and 

2) Incentives - projects for cleaner air technologies to reduce emissions.


Implementation Budget 

The AB 617 Implementation funds are utilized for air monitoring operations, data analysis, Steering Committee meetings, developing and implementing the Community Air Monitoring Plan (PDF here), emissions inventory and rule development, and community engagement and outreach, among other efforts. Please see the annual grant reports and budget breakdowns below for more information.

​Budget Summary HandoutsAnnual ​Grant Reports

2023 Annual Grant Report

​2023 Final Closing Report

​2022 Annual Grant Report

​2021 Final Closing Report

Fiscal Year July 2021 - June 2022

​2021 Annual Grant Report and 2019/2020 Final Closing Report

​Fiscal Year July 2020 - June 2021

2020 Annual Grant Report

Budget Breakdown March  2018 - June 2020

​2019 Annual Grant Report

Community Air Protection Incentives

The Sac Metro Air District is funding projects that provide timely emission reduction, decrease public exposure to air pollution, and have community support. This funding is being implemented through the AB 617 Incentive Program. More information on the incentives funding for projects is available here.

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