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Current Proposed Awards

2021 Grant Solicitation Awards

On March 29, 2021, the Sac Metro Air District released a competitive solicitation to fund projects designed to reduce the impact of mobile source emissions on communities in the Sacramento region. Up to $18 million was allocated towards projects that met the program guidelines and community needs. Notice was sent to stakeholders to submit applications by May 28, 2021 to participate in the solicitation.

Staff received 158 applications totaling over $57 million in requests. Applications included many project categories including zero emission vehicles and infrastructure, clean farm equipment, electric lawn & garden equipment used at schools, and other innovative projects. Projects were ranked according to the procedure set in the solicitation manual with funding assigned by program as certain funding programs are restricted to specific project types.

Ranking criteria for this solicitation included points if the project benefits targeted priority populations, is located in the Sac Metro Air District South Sacramento/Florin AB617 Community, and if the project received demonstratable community support (for example, letters of support). In addition, Sac Metro Air District staff worked closely with a subset of the South Sacramento/Florin AB 617 Steering Committee before, during, and after the solicitation process. The Committee members provide valuable input into the solicitation process, and the ultimate selection of projects.

The final selection of projects includes 45 applications which will fully allocate funding for this solicitation. Staff will proceed with inspecting and contracting these projects and will work with those not selected to remain on a pending list for future funding opportunities. The list of proposed rewards is shown in the table below.

Funding of the proposed awards from this solicitation is contingent on the approval of the project by the Sac Metro Air District Board of Directors as outlined in the district purchasing policies. If the award cannot be negotiated and executed in a timely manner, staff may move funding to other projects not listed on this notice. Staff also reserves the right to modify funding or scope of the awards as needed to meet funding and/or community input.

Awardees will be contacted by a Project Engineer to complete the award process. Applicants who did not receive funding may contact Mike Neuenburg at within 90 days to discuss their application.

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Additional information about the Air Quality Grant Solicitation can be accessed below.

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