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Current Grant Solicitation

2024 Community Air Quality Grant Solicitation: Off-Road Category

Status: Open

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Please ensure you have a complete project proposal by reviewing the Off-Road Application Checklist. If you plan to replace more than one piece of equipment, please fill out the Multiple Equipment Spreadsheet and attach it to your application. Once you are ready, click on the button below to fill out the online application form. Please note that a separate solicitation will be available for the Commercial Lawn and Garden Program. For any on-road or infrastructure projects, please contact our staff at to request a case-by-case determination. 

Off-Road Online Application

For guidance on how to prepare for the application process, including required documents and uploads for each project category, please refer to the resources below.

                                         General Resources and Forms

Off-Road Application Checklist (PDF)
Multiple Equipment Spreadsheet (XLSX) 
Payee Data Record Form (PDF)
Self-Certification Form (PDF)
Grant Solicitation Manual (PDF)
Online Application Demo (Video)
Frequently Asked Questions 
Commercial Lawn and Garden Program

About our Community Air Quality Grant Solicitation

The Sac Metro Air District has over $3.4 million in mobile source incentive funding for clean air quality projects in Sacramento County. The primary purpose of this funding is to promote the use of zero-emission equipment instead of diesel equipment in communities impacted by air pollution, with particular attention to disadvantaged and environmental justice communities. However, applications are accepted for other off-road project categories. Applications are open to businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, and others. 

This first wave of funding is available to replace existing agricultural, construction, and industrial equipment with equipment certified to current emission standards or better. Eligible projects include but are not limited to farm tractors and utility terrain vehicles (UTVs), with priority given to projects that promote zero-emission technology such as electric UTVs. Other project categories may be considered on a case-by-case basis. For any on-road or infrastructure projects, please contact our staff at to request a case-by-case determination. 

Two programs - the Carl Moyer Program and the Funding Agricultural Replacement Measures for Emission Reductions (FARMER) - make up most of this funding and generally use the Carl Moyer Program Guidelines. To learn more about local program requirements, eligible project categories, funding limits, and selection criteria, please reference the 2024 Community Air Quality Grant Application Manual (PDF).

Applicants do not need to choose a specific funding source when applying for their project. Staff will work with applicants to identify the best funding sources for their applications to meet community needs while providing maximum available funding for the project. Please get in touch with our staff to verify co-funding eligibility if you plan to use or apply for other grant programs outside of our agency. 

The application period will remain open until all funds are allocated or until the Air District decides to close or modify the program. 

Project Selection

The Sac Metro Air District will use an open solicitation application process to select projects for funding. Applications will be accepted and reviewed continuously. Projects will be evaluated for priority as applications are received. 

To be eligible, an applicant must own equipment that is primarily domiciled at a physical location within Sac County and operates primarily in Sac County. The applicant must also comply with all state and local air quality rules and regulations. 

Priority will be given to projects located in Disadvantaged Communities (DAC) and Environmental Justice (AB 1390) designated areas. Determination is generally based on the physical address of the project. Disadvantaged communities must be identified using CalEnviroScreen 4.0. AB 1390 designated areas can be identified using the AB 1390 policy by referencing the "AB 1390 Qualifying Census Tracts" section at the end of the document.

Priority will also be given to applications that promote zero-emission technology and provide swift emission reductions to the community. This means that projects with short delivery and/or installation timelines may receive priority funding if they meet all other requirements. Diesel projects (Tier 4 or better) for off-road equipment are encouraged to apply and will be considered for funding on a first come, first served basis.

Incentive requests over one million dollars require approval by the Sac Metro Air District Board of Directors.  To ensure equitable distribution of incentive funds, the Sac Metro Air District reserves the right to provide partial funding for eligible projects. 

How to Apply

Grant applications must be submitted electronically using the Air District's SeamlessDocs system. Use the button below to access the application form.

Applicants can apply for as many eligible projects as they wish by submitting one completed application per project location. For example, an applicant looking to replace five (5) ag tractors must only submit one application if all tractors are domiciled in the same location. 

When filling out an application, you may save your work and continue at a later date. For this option, you will need to register an account with SeamlessDocs. Once the application is complete and all required documents are uploaded, click the "Submit and Sign" button. Applicants will receive a confirmation email showing that their application was received, including a copy of the application.

Off-Road Online Application

Generally, applications are processed in the order they are received. Applications missing information may be given 30 days to submit any incomplete or ineligible documents. Staff may also request additional information from applicants if needed to evaluate the project. All applications will be reviewed by staff to determine which funding sources are appropriate based on the details of the project.

If no funding is available for the application or the application does not meet a community need or grant restrictions, staff will notify the applicant and may place the application in a pending file or reject it based on the merits of the project. Awarded applicants will be contacted by our staff and enter into a funding agreement with the Sac Metro Air District. 

Click here for the current list of proposed awards

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our staff at

Thank you to everyone who has applied to our programs. Stay in touch with upcoming funding availability and subscribe to our Incentives email list.

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