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Adhesives & Sealants

​​​The use of adhesives and sealants is regulated by the Sac Metro Air District. These operations, including the use of strippers and solvents for surface preparation or clean-up, are typically subject to Rule 460 and require an air quality permit.


Adhesive: Any material that is used to bond one surface to another surface by attachment.

Sealant: Any material with adhesive properties that is applied as a rope or bead and that is formulated for use primarily to fill, seal, waterproof, or weatherproof gaps or joints between two surfaces. Sealants include sealant primers and caulks.

Who Needs a Permit?

•   Operations using a combined total of more than one gallon per day of coating material and solvent.

Permit Fees     

New Installations:

  • Using a Spray Booth: Use Schedule 1 (see Rule 301, Section 308.2). Fees are based on the rated horsepower of the exhaust fan. Use the Initial Permit Fee column for new installations or equipment not previously permitted.

  • Not Using a Spray Booth: Use Schedule 9 (see Rule 301, Section 308.10).

  • For modifications of permitted equipment resulting in an increase in the exhaust fan's  horsepower, the fee is assessed in accordance with fee schedule 1 (see Rule 301, Section 308.2), based on the incremental increase in the exhaust fan's horsepower resulting from such change.

  • For modifications resulting in no increase in the exhaust fan's horsepower, the fee shall be based on Rule 301, Section 306.2.

Permit Application Completeness Determination

An application will not be accepted for processing until it is deemed complete. The following will be required in order for the Sac Metro Air District to make a completeness determination.

  • Completed application Forms G100, G101, and AS100 with the original signature of the owner / proprietor or responsible officer of the company.

  • Applicable permit fee in accordance with Rule 301.

  • Any additional information that may be requested in order to perform a health risk assessment or to better understand the process or the applicability of regulations.​

 Documents / Forms



Application Instructions - AS100 Instructions - AS100.pdfApplication Instructions - AS100Application Instructions
AS100 - Adhesives and Sealants - Adhesives and SealantsPermit Application Forms
G100 - General Application Form - General Application FormPermit Application Forms
G101 - General Information - General InformationPermit Application Forms
AS102 - Adhesives and Sealants - Definitions - Adhesives and Sealants - Definitions

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