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Solvent Degreasers

Solvent degreasing operations are operations that use solvents to remove contaminants from parts, products, tools, machinery or equipment and includes any drying of the items after the removal.

Who Needs a Permit?

A Permit is required for all solvent degreasing operations that either:

  • Use more than one gallon of solvents combined during any one day

  • Emit more than 2 lbs of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) for any given 24 hour period, calculated without including the benefit of any air pollution control devices installed

  • All combustion based drying equipment with the operation shall be permitted if the material to be heated comes in direct contact with the products of combustion

  • All solvent degreasing operations are required to obtain a permit unless the Air Pollution Control Officer issues a written exemption letter. (See exemption determinations below)

Permit Fees 

New Installations:  

  • Use Schedule 9 (see Rule 301, Section 308.10) for any new solvent degreasing operation.

Permit Application Completeness Determination

An application will not be accepted for processing until it is deemed complete. The following will be required in order for the Sac Metro Air District to make a completeness determination:

  • Completed application Forms G100, G101, DG100 and  HRA100 with the original signature of the owner/proprietor or responsible officer of the company.

  • Applicable permit fee in accordance with Rule 301.

  • Any additional information that may be requested in order to perform a health risk assessment or to better understand the process or the applicability of regulations.

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