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Gasoline Dispensing Facility

​​A gasoline dispensing facility (GDF) is a facility that stores and/or dispenses gasoline. Gasoline is any petroleum distillate having a Reid vapor pressure of 4 pounds per square inch or greater.

What Needs a Permit?

 Any facility dispensing gasoline from storage tanks having a capacity of 250 gallons or more.

Complete Permit Application  

A complete application must include the forms listed below. For more detail see the GDF application instructions.

Permit Application Fees

All permit fees are based on District Rule 301. For new equipment please use Schedule 6 in the Permit Fee Schedule to determine your application fee.  For questions regarding the application fee, please email or call 279-207-1122.


Applications may be submitted by one of the following options:

  • via email at
  • via mail to SMAQMD, 777 12th Street,  Ste. 300, Sacramento, CA 95814
  • in person at SMAQMD, 777 12th Street,  Ste. 300, Sacramento, CA 95814  

    All applications must be submitted with the appropriate fee to be accepted. Application fees may be paid with a physical check or online. If you submit your application separately from the fee, please make sure to contact District Permitting (or compliance) staff to inform them.

    If you wish to contact District Permitting or Compliance Staff please call 279-207-1122 or email

 Documents / Forms



08-01 GDF EVR Phase II 08-01-02 EVR Phase II revised.pdf08-01 GDF EVR Phase IIAdvisories -2008
10-01 Overpressure alarms 10-01 GDF overpressure.pdf10-01 Overpressure alarmsAdvisories -2010
10-14 CARB AST Advisory 10-14 CARB AST.pdf10-14 CARB AST AdvisoryAdvisories -2010
12-02 Phase I valve replacement 12-02 phase I valve replacement.pdf12-02 Phase I valve replacementAdvisories -2012
13-02 Phase I EVR 13-02 Phase I EVR.pdf13-02 Phase I EVRAdvisories -2013
14-03 EVR testing submittal 14-03 EVR testing submittal.pdf14-03 EVR testing submittalAdvisories -2014
20-01 GDF Card Reader Modifications 20-01 GDF Card Reader Modifications.pdf20-01 GDF Card Reader ModificationsAdvisories -2020
23-01 GDF ISD Update 2023-01 GDF ISD update.pdf23-01 GDF ISD UpdateAdvisories -2023
Application Instructions - GDF100 Instructions - GDF100.pdfApplication Instructions - GDF100Application Instructions
G100 - General Application Form - General Application FormPermit Application Forms
GDF100 - Gasoline Dispensing Facilities - Gasoline Dispensing FacilitiesPermit Application Forms
Balance System (VST) recordkeeping form System (VST) recordkeeping formRecordkeeping Forms
GDF throughput form throughput form.pdfGDF throughput formRecordkeeping Forms
Healy recordkeeping form recordkeeping formRecordkeeping Forms
ISD alarm event log alarm event logRecordkeeping Forms
Liquid storage recordkeeping storage recordkeepingRecordkeeping Forms

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