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Internal Combustion Engines

​​​Internal Combustion (IC) engines generate power by burning liquid fuel (e.g. by burning diesel.  gasoline, LPG, natural gas, or waste gas). IC engines are found in a variety of industries and can be used for generating electrical power, pumping gas or other fluids, or compressing air for pneumatic machinery.  IC engines generate emissions by the combustion of fuel.  These emissions are regulated by the Sac Metro Air District.

What Needs a Permit?

  • A permit is required for all IC Engines with a maximum rating greater than 50 brake-horsepower.

  • Engines 50 brake-horsepower or less may not be exempt if they are part of a process (e.g. rock screening plant, or a concrete batch plant) that requires a permit from Sac Metro Air District.  In that case, the engine will be permitted as part of the permitting process and will not require a separate permit.

  • Portable engines with valid CARB PERP registration are not required to obtain a permit from the ​Sac Metro Air District provided the owner/operator is complying with all the requirements of the PERP registration and the engine is not operating as part of a stationary source as determined by Sac Metro Air District.

  • Agricultural engines may be required to obtain a permit or registration. For more information click here.

Complete Permit Application

A complete permit application must include the forms listed below. To begin, please read the application instructions Application Instructions.

G100 - General Application Form

G101 - General Information

ICE100 - Internal Combustion Engines

Permit Application Fees

All permit fees are based on District Rule 301.

For new equipment, please use Schedule 7 in the Permit Fee Schedule to determine your initial application fee. The application fee is based on the maximum break–horsepower rating. For questions regarding the application fee, please email  or call 279-207-1122.

Applications may be submitted by one of the following options:

  • via email at  
  • via mail to SMAQMD, 777 12th Street,  Ste. 300, Sacramento, CA 95814
  • in person at SMAQMD, 777 12th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

All applications must be submitted with the appropriate fee in order to be accepted. Applications fees may be paid with a physical check or online.  If you submit your application separately from the fee, please make sure to inform the District by calling 279-207-1122, or email at

To contact Permitting staff please call 279-207-1122 or email

Annual Reporting

The Annual Engine Survey is now covered under Annual Reporting, please visit Annual-Reporting to download the new form. 

 Documents / Forms



15-01 PERP Equipment and Engines 15-01 PERP equipment.pdf15-01 PERP Equipment and EnginesAdvisories
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Stationary Diesel Engine Recordkeeping forms Diesel Engine Recordkeeping formsRecordkeeping Forms
Non-Diesel Stationary Engine Recordkeeping forms Stationary Engine Recordkeeping formsRecordkeeping Forms
Portable Equipment Recordkeeping form Equipment Recordkeeping formRecordkeeping Forms

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