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Our Community CarShare (OCCS) Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can use the car?

Eligible participants are residents at the community/site, have a valid driver's license, at least 21 years old, have an active email and mobile phone number.

Only the cardholder may reserve and drive the cars.

2. How do I reserve a Zipcar through the Mobile App? (Reccomended, español, Tiếng Việt, 中文)

EN How to Reserve a Zipcar through the App.

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3. How do I reserve a Zipcar Online? (español, Tiếng Việt, 中文)

EN How to Reserve a Zipcar Online.

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4. How do I know if I am reserving an OCCS Zipcar?

The vehicle will have a name starting with the letter 'B' if reserving a Chevy Bolt or a 'P' if reserving a Chrysler Pacifica. The vehicle location will be at your housing location unless reserving at the Sac Valley Station or Green Tech Zero Emission Mobility Hub. Also, the cost of reservation will be a $4.00 per hour charge.

5. How will I know which OCCS Zipcar I am reserving?

The OCCS Zipcar will list the address of the community during reservation process. There will also be a specific name associated with each car, such as "Banjo" or "Seahorse." After you reserve the car, a confirmation will pop up. A list will pop up with your reservation date and times, the location, the price (if reserving an OCCS Zipcar there will be a $4.00 per hour cost), and the vehicle license and name will be provided.

6. How long can I use the car?

Up to 4 hours per day, 12 hours per week. These hours can be broken up (ie. 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour in evening) but this requires separate reservations

7. What is the range of the vehicles?

Chevy Bolt EV has a 230-mile range.

Chrysler Pacifica PHEV has a 30-mile range using the battery, and has a 530-mile range using gas.

8. Can I bring people along with me on my reservation?

Yes, Chevy Bolts can seat 4 people including the driver. The Chrysler Pacifica can seat 7 people including the driver. We encourage carpooling! Let others know when you are planning a trip so they can join you to run their errands or tag along for the ride.

9. Can my caretaker or family member drive me?

No, not at this time, we are not allowing people other than verified residents at the community to drive the vehicles. Only participants with Zipcar memberships can reserve and drive the vehicles. At each site, there are Community Representatives who offer their time to drive others around who cannot drive themselves.

10. What is a Community Representative and how can I become one?

A Community Representative is a resident at the community who offers their time to drive others to their appointments or take them wherever they need for their transportation needs. Attend a workshop at your community to find out who is a Community Representative. OCCS will also have a list of Community Representatives with contact info.

Interested residents can reach out to OCCS by calling 916-346-6508 or email contact information and availability to

11. What happens if there is a problem with the car while driving or during my trip after I have parked the car at my destination?

In each car attached to the charge card, there is a Roadside Assistance card. Call 1 (866) 494-7227 and select option 3 to speak with an agent to report the issue. You can also call the number on the back of your ZipCard for assistance.

12. How do I charge the car while I am out using the car?

There will be a charge card in the vehicle that you will use if you need to charge the car while on your trip. This charge card can be used at any location where there is an EV charging station.

13. Can I reserve a Zipcar that is not in the OCCS program with my membership?

Yes, but you will have to pay Zipcar's fee for using vehicles not specified for the OCCS program.

14. The car isn't charging when I plug it in?

Contact your site manager and let them know there is an issue with the charging station. If you are not at your community site, call the number on Roadside Assistance card or call the number on the back of the ZipCard.

15. The car is damaged or untidy.

During your live reservation, on the Zipcar App is a "Report" button. The "Report" button lets you take and upload photos of vehicle, write a description of the condition of vehicle, and request for service. This can only happen during the live reservation.

During your live reservation, on the Zipcar App is a "Report" button. The "Report" button lets you take and upload photos of vehicle, write a description of the condition of vehicle, and request for service. This can only happen during the live reservation.

16. What happens if the car needs to be towed?

If while on a reservation you encounter difficulties with an OCCS vehicle that leads to an immobile vehicle, you should contact Zipcar immediately at 866 494-7227. Zipcar representatives will give you further instructions and dispatch their preferred towing company. If you are unable to stay with the car until the Tow Truck driver arrives, call 916 345-6508 and leave a message with our answering service. Members who do not contact Zipcar and have an OCCS vehicle towed from a private company or through their personal insurance will NOT have their towing costs reimbursed.

17. I was in an car accident.

In each car there should be a Roadside Assistance card and a guidebook to help you throughout the process.

18. Where can I use the gas card in the plug-in hybrid vehicle (Chrysler Pacifica PHEV)?

Any gas station that accepts credit is where you will want to take the PHEV for gas fill up. Do not go somewhere that only accepts cash or debit (ie. AMPM or Arco).

19. How do I cancel a trip?

In the Zipcar app, in the upper left corner of the screen you will see three lines, this is the menu button. Once you click the menu button go to "My trips". Once there click on "view details". Then click "modify trip". You will have an option to add a destination or cancel trip, click "Cancel trip". You will have two options "nevermind" or "cancel trip", click "cancel trip". It will ask again if you are sure you want to cancel, click "yes, cancel". A confirmation of cancelation will appear, and you are free to make another transaction.

20. Zipcar is asking for credit card information on the sign-up page.

Reach out to an OCCS Team Member. All calls and emails will be responded within 1 business day or within 24 hours. Call: (916) 346-6508


21. What is Cost-Share?

Cost-Share for OCCS will require users to pay a small portion of their reserved trip, $4 per hour, while OCCS pays the rest.

22. Why is Cost-Share Needed? Our team hopes to keep the program available to all members in the long run. After gathering and analyzing feedback from current OCCS members through a series of phone interviews, virtual meetings, and surveys, OCCS determined that a Cost-Share was the best option to keep the program running in your community.

23. What does this mean for current members? Current members will need to transition their account from the old membership to the Cost-Share membership. At this time contact an OCCS Team Member for assistance: Call: (916) 346-6508 Email:

24. What does this mean for new members? As a new OCCS member, you will have 90 days to continue using the program without any changes or fees added to your account. After 90 days, members will need to input a personal debit or credit card in the payment method. Contact an OCCS Team Member for assistance: Call: (916) 346-6508 Email:

25. How do I update my payment information? When reserving a vehicle there will be an option to add a payment method. You can also follow these steps provided by Zipcar: How do I update my payment information? (Zipcar Support)

26. What do I do if I am charged a late fee? With Cost-Share implementation, members may be charged late fees if they return a vehicle late. Late charges can only be refunded on a case by case basis. Please contact OCCS staff for questions on late charges.

More Information

1. Reservation and Registration Questions?


Phone: (916) 346-6508

2. Zipcar Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions about Zipcar

3. Lost your Driver's License?

Staff from Our Community CarShare, Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance, and Legal Services of Northern California (LSNC) want to help you get your license back. Inquire with us about how we can help you…

  • Get a copy of your Driver’s License history report
  • Find out if and why your license is suspended
  • Find out how much is owed in fines or in back payments
  • Schedule a court date in order to pay fines or get more information
  • Find legal representation or discuss your situation with legal counsel

Transit Incentive Card Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Transit Incentive Card Program?

The Transit Incentive Card offers individuals a way to pay for transportation that can be flexible and tailored to their schedule.

2. Can my friend or family member use my card?

TheTransit Incentive Card is designed to supplement the cardholder's transportation needs.

3. Is it possible for multiple people in my household to be Transit Incentive Card participants, as well?

Due to the current scope of the program, theTransit Incentive Card has limited funds to help supplement transportation needs. Therefore, we are limiting one card per household.

4. How can I become a Transit Incentive Card participant?

By becoming an OCCS member, you are eligible for theTransit Incentive Card especially for non-drivers. Participants must be 21 years or older, an OCCS member, a verified resident at the community, and have an active email and mobile phone number.

5. What options are available for transportation?

Lyft, Uber, Taxi, monthly RT passes, Connect Cards, Paratransit, Amtrak, Greyhound, and other public transportation groups are possible options for using the RideHail card to purchase rides.

6. What is the Transit Incentive Card card?

The card is a US Bank credit card that is preloaded with a fixed amount of money. Each month participants have $100 to spend on rides. However, the $100 does not rollover to the next month, so it is a "use it or lose it" system. The card will have your name on it, and expires 12 months after you initially sign up.

7. When can I expect the next month's funds to be on my card?

The billing cycle for the cards ends on the 22 nd of every month and begins on the 23 rd of every month.

8. When can I expect the card in the mail?

Each card will be expedited, so they can be delivered 1-3 business days after sign up. If you do not want expedited delivery, standard delivery takes 5-7 business days.

9. Can I purchase rides for other people?

Transit Incentive Cards should be used by the cardholder and is intended to provide more transportation options to the cardholder.

10. Can someone accompany me on my ride?

If using Lyft, Uber, or a taxi service, the cardholder can likely bring along with them a guest or caregiver if there is space in the vehicle. For purchasing tickets to SacRT, light rail, or other public transportation, the cardholder will need to purchase another ticket.

11. I need a new card because mine is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Call OCCS phone number and ask for your confirmation number if you do not already have it.

Use the confirmation number to call US Bank and request that your old card be cancelled and ask for a replacement.

12. I tried using the card to purchase for a type of transportation that offers ridehail service, but the card was declined and I have available funds.

Please reach out to OCCS either by phone or email and let us know which service you tried to use. We will check the merchant code and see if it can be added.

13. Why am I receiving monthly statements in the mail?

Each month you may receive a statement in the mail. This statement will provide you with transaction you made during that billing cycle. Note that this is displaying your balance, your transactions, and how much you spent. You have no obligation to pay back any of the money granted through theTransit Incentive Card.

14. Lyft and Uber Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Lyft

Frequently Asked Questions about Uber

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