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Permits & Registration Programs

Sac Metro Air District Rule 201 requires any business or person to obtain an Authority to Construct and Permit to Operate before installing or operating new equipment or processes that may release or control air pollutants to ensure that all Sac Metro Air District rules and regulations are considered. Following this requirement will enable business owners to make any required design changes early in the planning stage and stay in compliance. Failure to do so may result in civil or criminal penalties, as well as lost time and money in design and/or the purchase of equipment that can't be permitted. We highly recommend you contact the Sac Metro Air District before purchasing or installing any new equipment.

Click below to see a map of facilities that have an air quality permit: 


Click below to see a map that shows the density of permitted facilities in Sacramento County:



Permit applications can be submitted electronically, by mail, or by dropping documents at the District's main office. Fee payments can be made by credit/debit card online (LINK) or by mailing a check.

Permit Cancellations or Corrections:

Permits to Operate can be canceled or corrected by submitting a Permit Cancellation/Correction  request form.

Change of Ownership or Name: 

Permits to Operate can be transferred to a new owner by submitting a Change of Ownership application and the appropriate filing fee. The filing fee will be equivalent to the permit renewal fee of the previous permit. Please contact the Sac Metro Air District for the appropriate fee. A new permit, with a different permit number, will be issued to the new owner.

Coating and printing operations will also need to submit one or more of the forms below as applicable:

  • Adhesives and Sealants Operations.............Form AS100
  • Automotive Refinishing Operations..............Form AC100
  • General Coating Operations...........................Form GC100
  • Graphic Arts Operations...................................Form PP100
  • Miscellaneous Metal Parts Operations........Form MC100
  • Wood Products Coating Operations............Form WC100

Authorities to Construct cannot be transferred from one owner to another. If there is a change of ownership and an Authority to Construct has not been converted to a Permit to Operate, the Authority to Construct will be canceled and a new application will need to be filed by the new owner.

Change of Company Name:

When a company changes name but not ownership, the permit holder must request to have their Permits to Operate changed to the new name by submitting a Change of Name request form and the appropriate fee as per Section 307.2 of Rule 301.

General Permit Application Forms:

For general permit applications (for equipment not listed in the section below), use Form G100 along with all pertinent data (see Form G101 and List and Criteria). If the process will emit toxics, Form HRA100 must also be included. The application must be submitted with the appropriate filing fee in accordance with Rule 301.

​Equipment-Specific Permit Applications, Recordkeeping & Advisories

Below is a list of typical equipment or processes needing a permit. Clicking on one of the categories will take you to a page specific for that category, containing permit application forms, record keeping forms, compliance advisories, pertinent regulations, etc.



Abrasive Blasting - Confined Blasting - Confined
Abrasive Blasting - Unconfined Blasting - Unconfined
Adhesives & Sealants & Sealants
Afterburner / Vapor Incinerator / Vapor Incinerator
Aggregate & Rock Crushing Operations & Rock Crushing Operations
Agricultural Diesel Engines Diesel Engines
Asphalt Paving Plants Paving Plants
Asphalt Surface Heater Surface Heater
Automotive Refinishing Operations Refinishing Operations
Boilers and Heaters and Heaters
Bread Baking Ovens Baking Ovens
Burnout Ovens Ovens
Cannabis Operations Operations
Carbon Adsorption Unit Adsorption Unit
Chrome Plating Operations Plating Operations
Coating Operations (General) Operations (General)
Coffee Bean Roasting Operations Bean Roasting Operations
Concrete Batch Plants Batch Plants
Depaint Tank Tank
Drycleaning Operations Operations
Drying Ovens Ovens
Electrostatic Precipitators Precipitators
Gasoline Dispensing Facility Dispensing Facility
Graphic Arts Arts
Internal Combustion Engines Combustion Engines
Miscellaneous Metal Parts Coating Operations Metal Parts Coating Operations
Oil and Gas Operations and Gas Operations
Soil Cleanup Cleanup
Solvent Degreasers Degreasers
Wood Products Coating Operations Products Coating Operations

Ag Operations

Find information on permit requirements, emissions calculations and application forms for certain agricultural sources of air pollution.

Best Available Control Technology

 Review the BACT clearinghouse, see BACT determinations currently under review and find other important documents.

New Source Review

Modifying an existing facility or building a new one that may affect air quality? Look here for important requirements about the New Source Review process.

Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP)

Requirements for operating portable equipment throughout the state and if a local permit from the Sac Metro Air District is required.

​Title V

Federally enforceable permits are required for sources that emit so many tons of air pollutants.  Find out more about the program here. 


Important information about California's Toxics Hot Spots program and permitting requirements that affect various businesses.

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