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Outdoor Burning

Smoke from outdoor burning contributes to our region's air pollution and can be harmful to the health of our residents. The burning of certain materials can result in toxic particulates and by-products that are dangerous to breathe. To protect public health and our region's air quality, outdoor burning in Sacramento is limited by a number of regulations.

Outdoor burning includes agricultural burning, prescribed burning, open burning, and recreational burning. You can find additional details and information about requirements in the sections below. While certain exemptions are found in each rule, it is important to note that there is no exemption from burns that create a public nuisance per Sac Metro Air District Rule 402.

For burn day status, information about outdoor burning, or for more information about burning call our Burn Day Status line at 279-972-BURN (2876) or e-mail

Sac Metro Air District staff are not first responders and do not extinguish fires. Contact your local fire department for any safety or hazard concerns related to fires. 

​Agricultural Burning

Agricultural burning is the burning of agricultural waste material by growers who are producing an agricultural commodity. The agricultural material being burned must come from the same agricultural property it was grown on. Before burning, you must first obtain an annual agricultural burn permit.  

Burn Day Status: 

To check the Agricultural Burn Day status, call 279-972-BURN(2876)

  • Permittees must verify it is a legal burn day and receive authorization before burning by calling the burn day status line below 8 AM-11 AM. 
    • To request for ignition on Saturday,  or Sunday, call Thursday by 4pm.  
    • To request for ignition on a holiday, call 2 business days in advance.
    • E-mail with questions.

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​Prescribed Burning

Prescribed burning or controlled burning is conducted by trained personnel to meet specific objectives such as resource management benefits, fire personnel training, or fire hazard reduction. For prescribed burns, you must submit a smoke management plan through the California Air Resources Board's Prescribed Fire Information Reporting System (link). Prescribed burns are also required to obtain an agricultural burn permit from the Sac Metro Air District.

Burn Day Status: 

      • To check the Ag burn day status call 279-972-BURN(2876)
      • E-mail with questions

Rules that Apply:

​Open Burning (Rural Yard Burning)

Open burning is illegal in most parts of Sacramento County, including all cities within county boundaries. More info is located at our Open Burning Tips Flyer. Areas, where open burning is legal in Sacramento County are shown in the Burning Zone Map. Residents living in legal open burning areas may burn provided the following:

      • Residents obtain a residential burn permit from their local fire department
      • Only dry natural vegetation originating from the residence is burned
      • Burning occurs on legal to burn days.  Burn Day status is available by calling the Burn Day Status Line at 279-972-BURN(2876)

Burn Day Status:  

      • Burn Day Status Line: 279-972-BURN(2876)

Rules that Apply:

​Recreational Burning

Recreational burning includes bonfires and fires used for aesthetic purposes. Residents may recreationally burn provided the following:

    • Burning occurs in legal outdoor wood burning appliances, fireplaces, and wood stoves
    • Only seasoned firewood is burned.  Burning wood or yard waste to dispose of it, is considered open burning, not recreational burning, and is regulated by Sac Metro Air District Rule 407 (see section above)
      • Recreational fires are illegal on mandatory curtailment days. For more information about our wintertime restrictions on recreational burning see our webpage Check Before You Burn
    • Contact your local fire department to see if additional requirements apply

Burn Day Status: 

Rules that Apply:

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