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AB 617 Community Meetings

​Upcoming Meetings and Workshops

Meetings for the Air Quality Steering Committee are scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of every month. Meeting details on the next steering committee meeting or any other related meeting/workshop are shown below.

Start date and time: Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.

New Meeting Location: Florin Creek Recreation Center at 7460 Persimmon Ave, Sacramento, CA 95823

The Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (Sac Metro Air District) will host a public meeting on August 27, 2019, for the Air Quality Steering Committee representing the South Sacramento – Florin Community. The steering committee will help the Sac Metro Air District develop a plan to monitor and improve air quality in the South Sacramento – Florin community. This meeting, held at the date, time and location listed above, is open to the public. Please note the new meeting location at Florin Creek Recreation Center. 

The agenda for the steering committee meeting is anticipated to cover the following topics:

·         Community air monitoring update; and

·         Incentive program discussion




Fecha:            martes, 27 de agosto, 2019

Hora:              6:00 p.m.

Ubicación:     Florin Creek Recreation Center, 7460 Persimmon Ave., Sacramento, CA 95823

El Distrito Metropolitano de Administración de la Calidad del Aire de Sacramento (Sac Metro Air District) hospedará una reunión pública el martes, 27 de agosto del Comité Directivo de la Calidad del Aire cual representa la comunidad del sur de Sacramento–Florin. El Comité ayudara al Sac Metro Air District a desarrollar un plan para monitorear y mejorar la calidad del aire en la comunidad del sur de Sacramento –Florin. Esta reunión será abierta al público y se llevará a cabo en la fecha, hora y lugar mencionados anteriormente. Tenga en cuenta que la  reunión se llevará a cabo en una nueva ubicación: Florin Creek Recreation Center.

Se prevé que la agenda para la reunión del Comité Directivo incluirá los siguientes temas:

• Actualización sobre el monitoreo de aire comunitario; y

• Discusión sobre el programa de incentivos

Previous Meetings and Workshops
  • Community input and engagement is vital to the success of the program. The District attended numerous public meetings to discuss the community identification for the community monitoring and/or community emission reduction program to shape its final community identification recommendations. District staff continues to engage the public on investment priorities.
You may provide feedback and ask questions about Community Air Monitoring by emailing
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